TL;DR: Creative Technologist with 20+ Years experience building web and marketing tools.


Hey There, I'm Alex Miller. I've been something of an entrepreneur since 1999 when I started fixing computers at my mom's New York City graphic design studio, and later got jobs fixing computers around NYC.

This was an especially exciting time in the world of software, and I had the privilege to have access to a large variety of computers to experiment with, and had a passion for exploring software.

I skipped countless hours of school to play with many now defunct operating systems ( like BeOS, MacOS Copeland, IRIX, NeXT ) as well as a large number of software products from Desktop Publishing software like QuarkXPress, to the first web browser, NSCA Mosaic. While In highschool I also taught myself to code and took computer science classes at Cornell University Summer School.

After 20+ years building web pages and web apps, including 10 years in China, where I built advertising systems at "China's Facebook" (at Renren.com IPO exit on NYSE), 3 years in Singapore, working on technology to connect Facebook ads to AI to a marketplace of Ad Creatives (ReFUEL4), and almost two years working on South East Asia's Creative Marketplace (GetCraft.com).

These days I'm living a more relaxed life in Bali, Indonesia, spending my time on daddy duty, surfing, investing, and exploring opportunities in e-commerce.

For More, check my LinkedIn: