AimHuge Digital Consulting | Alex I Miller

AimHuge Digital Consulting | Alex I Miller

Welcome to AimHuge Digital consulting. We're a unique boutique marketing consultancy operating out of Bali, Indonesia - helping digital commerce companies sell more. We specialize in Shopify, advanced SEO and Facebook Ads.

At AimHuge We help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We offer:

  • Mentoring & Coaching
    • We help you explore your business opportunities, understand oppurtunities for growth and execute.
  • Data dashboard building and analysis
  • Digital Marketing
    • Facebook Ads
    • SEO
    • Influencer Management
  • Shopify Store Development and Management

If that sounds like it might be for you, we have an opening for one new client starting in June.

Disclaimer: This site is brand new as of Mar 5, 2021. Please bear with us as we flesh out the content.