Setting up Alfred Remote for Youtube!

Jun 3, 2021 2:00 AM

I love Alfred. It helps me use work faster. And time not spent working is time spent living, so buying the subscription to Alfred and setting it up in a way that i love has saved me countless hours... For my newest trick, i've created a mobile remote control for YouTube!


How to setup Alfred Remote for Youtube

  1. Buy Alfred & Alfred Remote
  2. Go to the remote setup panel in Alfred

You can navigate there by typing the snippet ?Remote


3. Add Open Youtube Button

4. Add the following Buttons as Dispatch Key Combo - These are the most important Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

Note - I've shorted some words so they fit on the Remote App

  • Space - Pause/Play
  • ⇧P (Shift P) - Prev Video
  • ⇧N (Shift N) - Next Video
  • J - Back 10 Sec
  • , (Comma) - Prev Frame
  • . (Period) - Next Frame
  • L - Fwd 10 Sec
  • 0 - Beginning
  • M - Mute
  • ⬇️ (down arrow) - Volume Down
  • ⬆ (up arrow) - Volume Up
  • ⇧, (Shift Comma) - Slower
  • ⇧. (Shift Period) - Faster
  • F - Full Screen


5. Add the icons

  • Double click on each of the shortcuts and drag the matching icon from the archive below on to it
  • Finding the icons was the hardest part of this job, so i just zipped them up for you (and me, in case i have to do this again)
Alfred Youtube Remote Button Icons.zip170.8KB