Why are there no conversion details on some orders

Feb 4, 2021 9:19 PM
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Big thanks to Robbie from Shopify Support

  • In order → in conversion details → first session appears to come from email
  • However we only build our email list from visitors to our web site
  • how is that possible?
  • Users must have had a session where they signed up for the email list, as the only way to get on the list is on our website... so that session is missing from the attribution


it says their first session is from an email

  • Robbie: The First session hasn't been attributed to the customer prior to having the customer profile being set in the system
  • In a lot of cases this will come down to customer behaviour and systems they are using. For example if they are using any kind of cookie blocking tools such as ad block we have no way of attributing who and what they view prior to conversion.

    In this case let's assume they had entered their details to the newsletter sign up, that would create a customer account within Shopify with minimal information besides from the email, they get one of the awesome marketing emails and then refer back to it a couple of times before deciding they'd like to purchase, but in checkout they use an alternate email to the one they had signed up with for the order confirmation. That would in turn create this exact looking situation where the customer account has only appeared to exist for 4 hours and has minimal tracking details

• Robbie:

It would be awesome to be able to foresee each and every customer choice and software they use but it's not really feasible. As soon as adblock, cookie blocking software or odd customer behaviour is in the mix, it's pretty difficult to gleam insight into those details. What I'd suggest is focussing on the conversion metrics of each deliverable campaign to judge the efficacy of things, a single customer won't reveal trends, but bunched together you get far more accurate insights :)

Q: if they didnt use an alternate email... would it be lost because they signed up with privy's form and not shopify's form?

That is also totally possible depending on what information is reported back to Shopify from each app as well.

That could totally have happened here as well, most newsletter apps will pass through the email address for the account however but the smaller analytics like views and sessions could be lost. I'm not super sure how Privy handles things like that so it may be worth reaching out to their support team as well for clarification

Though if that were the case I would have expected to see the customer account to be older than 4 hours.

Big shot out to Robbie, thanks for the answer mate.