My new favourite Landing Page Builder: PageFly
My new favourite Landing Page Builder: PageFly

My new favourite Landing Page Builder: PageFly

Jan 20, 2021
Alex Miller

Page Fly is the most affordable page builder that is still good - it's actually a huge leap from our existing LP builder - buildify (sorry guys, but your product is years behind)

I replicated our email collection bounce page and learned how to on export it:

The old page is on the right, the new page built in pagefly is on the right.
The old page is on the right, the new page built in pagefly is on the right.

Some good features (pros):

  1. Good, simple but deep WYSIWYG editor that works well for novices and people familiar with CSS and the DOM alike
    1. Follows the bootstrap Section, Row, Col pattern, which is nice
    2. image
    3. I like the feature where all the adjustments you make turn into CSS you can copy and edit on the fly (this makes for easy editing by copy-paste from the browser's developer tools)
    4. I was able to easily build this dialog box, mostly with drag and drop, but being able to quickly edit the font family or the margin-top, and trouble shoot based on real CSS is really nice.
    5. image
    6. Strong support for responsive layouts (makes fixing mobile bugs a breeze)
  2. Very fast 24 hour chat support
    • Replies in 5 min
    • Good detailed answers on anything under the sun
  3. Import/Export Pages
    • I can build the pages on my dev shop and export them to JSON and import them back to my client's working shop
    • This also means if i use it with multiple clients i can build a library of pages and templates and all my clients can benifit from them
  4. Very tight integration with Shopify
  • Unlike Buildify, where we can only build pages (see, with pagefly we can create Regular Pages, Home Pages, Product Pages, Collections Pages, Blog Posts, and even Password Pages (which are basically coming soon pages).
    • The pages also integrate will with shopify, so we can add product lists, or prices, for example, which come directly from our shop's database.
    • This means we can customise any product page
    • image
  • It integrates with Klyvio and Shopify email forms
  • There's a Live View which imports your shop's CSS and header/footer/js/css environment into the page so you can see how it will actually look
  • There look to be some decent analytics features, but i've yet to fully explore them


  1. Integration with Privy is still done manually by embed and my little code snippet
  2. No A/B testing features yet
  3. SEO features are coming from Shopify pages (under - I haven't found a good way to edit the OG:Image meta property (

To be seen

How fast is it?

I'll be running some tests in the future to see how fast pagefly pages are


The pricing is extremely competitive, with some apps charging 3-4x this and a usable free plan.

Note where it says 1 product page or 20 product pages, they mean templates for products

"Regular pages is different since is like the About us page or contact us or returns page"


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