Birthday Blog post

Nov 16, 2020
Alex Miller

the first birthday wthout my dad, i dreamed i was in NYC, walking to dads house at Zeckendorf, but i got lost and had to find him on east 8th street - this is the end of the dream.


I got stopped by a cop for jay walking. I was at 16th and union square west looking across the park explaining why the blocks were so big to Aki and another japanese guy - they all used to look like those brick buildings, but now all these glass ones.

I jay walk and a lady cop in a little buggy gives me a kind warning. yes i saw the cars, this one was going too slow... thanks.

Carrying a hot dinner in a plate down park towards 15th i walk past an outdoor restaurant, a friend sees my plate overflowing with cheesey green veg and passes me a coffee cup plate (a "tea saucer" ) from her table to help me catch. i take the plate and wait in line in Zeckendorf for the doorman. they dont recognize me and they say oh Jerry's son, ok you can go.

I tear up on the elevator line and tell Aki maybe he can go, my dads not feeling well and its getting late...

Then in lost on east 8th street, asking directions from someone who wants to tell me the time of day. Julius rushes by and i tell him to wait, but he's going to miss his train.

This is the life I always wanted. I got it. Starting next week, my dad would be proud. Im going to be an entreprenur again.

Im going to make beautful things and life will be grand. Now i still have to get free. Fuck you patrick. Sure i'll clear my leaves after this friday.

Mean while, i had a vision for a wonderufl website.

The nav and UI is in balsamiq on water color with fabulous photography interspersed

Real watercolor, by yan. Real photography. The water color is of a beautiful sunrise. The photogrphy, a guitar headstock.


  • Creativity
  • No Code Growth ( click hereβ†’ pop up done with out code asking β†’ thank's we'll retarget you )
  • Funnel hacking
  • Analytics & Data Science

The blog on notion, with a reverse proxy to show it on my domain

one line of code to add the Notion URL to the domain

β€’Β a little service for that for $10 per year