Bio for aimhuge

Bio for aimhuge

Dec 22, 2020
Alex Miller


Grew up fixing computers

Learned to code & make websites in the 90's

2001: Moved to China and learned to teach

2008: Made a few websites and got hired as a product manager and marketer, did some facebook and google ads

2009β†’2012: Joined China's Facebook Clone as the first product manager for advertising (hired 4 more), built China's first social ads and brand pages, grew annual ad revenue from USD $5m to $55M in 3 years. Helped China's Top 200 brands make every kind of marketing campaign and mistake possible. Collaborated with measurement firms like Neilsen to measure brand lift, and teams throughout the organisation, from gaming to video streaming to build the marketing products our marketers required. Wrote the sales manual in Chinese :-). We IPO'd on the NYSE, then our stock plunged as WeChat and Weibo crushed us.

2013β†’2016: Startups and consulting in San Francisco. Founded or cofounded several companies in the Chat and Video spaces. Entrepreneur in residence at 500 Startups (Batch 8). Consultant to some startups - built brands, home pages, landing pages, mapped funnels and deployed facebook ads.

2016→2019 Singapore - Head of Product at ReFUEL→ - a Facebook marketing partner - at ReFUEL4 we built a network of 10,000 ad designers and plugged AI into facebook and Google and Snap's Ads APIs to understand creative, and predict and take action to improve performance based on those insights. Watched $100M in ad spend, but didn't buy an ads myself...

2019β†’2020 - Remote - CTO of - Help build out South East Asia's premium creator network. Basically rebuilt the entire product, from chat to user pages, to workflows to a new jobs board. Systematically grew SEO from 1000 clicks a week to 2500 clicks a week with a focus on site-speed and on-site SEO.

2020 - Starting AIMHUGE - a full service agency with a focus on digital commerce and expertise in Shopify, SEO, Facebook Ads, Data Analysis and Strategy. Exciting to get my hands dirty again!