A note for Jason about baby birth

Dec 22, 2020
Alex Miller

Sorry for the wall of text, TL;DR - enjoy your time with your new baby 🙂

Jason, 4 years ago when my son was born i remember being in the hospital pair programming with one of my favourite people - a developer in Pakistan - till 4am. We were working on something and it "couldn't wait" ...

I was working with Ahsan like that every day for weeks before and after. Even though i love the guy like a brother... I think back about that time all the time when I'm stressed at work and say to myself... was it really worth it? is any work really worth it? Shouldn't i have been with family? Shouldn't have taken that time peacefully? I know my team would have given me that breathing room, and even expected me to take it. Then two months ago when my daughter was born, i had already quit my job and i hadn't yet started anything new. I was just walking around the hospital and then the house in my shorts and looking at baby (they're so weird looking when just a few days old, like little alien Buddhas) and giggling and meditating and not worrying about anything.

When I contrast the two times... I'm much more sure - paternity leave should really be a thing. It's such a unique time and wifey needed me urgently when she needed me, and sleep is hard to find...